Getting a great likeness of your pet is really important to me. I aim to capture his unique personality and physical likeness in my paintings.

When your painting is hanging on your wall, I want you to recognise your special friend through his expression, the twinkle in his eye, or maybe his unique smile.

Many hours are spent building up layers of paint to give you a beautiful and realistic portrait that you can enjoy for years to come.

Start by sending me a message via email or text telling about how wonderful your pet or person is and why you love them. Alternatively, you can give me an old fashioned telephone call.

0421 987 183

I will get  back to you soon and we can chat about creating a beautiful treasured keep sake of your furry pal. Then we can begin the process of planning your portrait.

You can send me all your best photos. The more photos, the more choice we have to create a great portrait. Remember to send photos that are in focus, because these images are all I have to create your pet’s portrait. The more detail in the photos, the more realistic I can paint your pet. 

I will recommend which photos and compositions would work the best and the optimal size.

The smaller sizes are suitable for close ups and head shots. Additional pets and landscape backgrounds are only available in larger formats.

Portraits are painted on a first booked, first painted basis. During our initial planning sessions, I will give you an estimate of when I can have your portrait ready. 

Once you are happy and ready to go ahead, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your portrait. Payments can be made via direct transfer or credit card.

We will discuss postage options and I will give you a costing of postage. This will be payable with the final payment. If you are local to the Coffs Coast we can arrange personal delivery.

Progress pictures will be sent throughout the painting process and again when I have completed the picture. I welcome minor adjustments to ensure you are completely satisfied with your portrait.

I paint on triple primed 380gsm cotton primed canvas stretched on a 3.8cm profile. (Wide edges) These edges are masked off during painting so the sides remain crisp and white and look fab without a frame, but if you prefer, I can paint the edges the same colour as the background.

I start the painting in acrylic, as this dries a lot quicker and speeds up the time it takes for me to complete the painting.

The final layers are painted in oil paint. I love painting in oil as it allows me to blend the colours and achieve a realistic effect.

Watercolour portraits are also available in elegant sepia tones. They are painted on 300gsm cold pressed fabriano watercolour paper and are formatted to fit in a standard 10x10in or 11×14″ frame.

Photographing your pet

Use your best camera. Most smart phones these days are great for capturing details.

Take your time and relax. Animals pick up on our moods, and you want him looking his best. Go outside. Natural lighting is best. Avoid bright sun/shadows. Dawn and dusk gives you the best light. Get down to your pets level or lower. You’ll get a better shot than shooting them from above.If you can see the details clearly when you enlarge on your phone, then I’ll be able to see them too!