I love my pets, and I bet you do too. Whether they are a dog, cat, horse, cow, bird or even a goat. Just spending time with them and being in their presence can bring us happiness, and fulfillment.

I love creating quirky and beautiful paintings of animals because  I get to learn about peoples beloved pets, and what makes them so special.

My aim in each and every animal portrait, is to capture the subject’s unique personality, as well as creating a great physical likeness.

When your portrait is hanging on your wall, I want you to recognise your special friend through his expression, the twinkle in his eye, or maybe his unique smile.

The things I love the most come together in my artwork to create pieces that celebrate beauty, and joy.

I grew up in semi-rural Victoria, with big cumulus skies and lovely natural bush land. I was blessed to have many family pets and animals in our household. I loved them all, particularly the dogs and horses. They brought me friendship, humour and honesty.

Art was my other childhood delight. I was seen as the arty one in my family and fully supported by my parents to pursue my creative interests.

I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Monash University Gippsland Campus and thrived on the community of art school. Going into my studio everyday was a delight, but at the completion, I found myself lost and ill- equipped to pursue my art professionally.

Life moved on and I fell in love with many other creative expressions which satisfied me at the time and fit better with the business of raising a family.

Finally, after a long hibernation, my love for painting re-emerged. In my animal paintings, I enjoy capturing a moment or a gesture which reflects communication between the subject and its human audience.

I live in a beautiful small town in NSW called Bellingen. It is almost always green, is surrounded by hills and the roads are flanked by paddocks of delightful cows, goats, sheep, and the occasional donkey. Living here is daily inspiration for my animal loving, artists soul.

Our girls are all grown up now and have flown the coop. My husband Lawrence and I live with our two terrific terriers and a ginger cat who is often in the naughty corner.


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