Persephone’s Portrait

I had some lovely feedback today from a happy pet portrait customer.

I met Kathie at the Made with Love Markets in March and she commissioned me to paint a portrait for her daughter Alison’s birthday of Alison’s beloved pup, Persephone. Persephone is an adorable Poochon (Poodle x Bichon Frise) who is like a child to her Mum. She loves her so much, in fact, the whole family does.

Persephone sometimes stays with her human grandparents when Ali is called away to work. A few weeks back, Persephone was visiting grandma and granddad, so we took the opportunity for a photo shoot, and a meet and greet to take some pics for her portrait.

Photographing a black dog is never easy, especially when they are so excited and just can’t stop running. Eventually, she stopped playing for long enough to get some pics before we lost all the light.

We had a wonderful afternoon playing, chatting and snapping. Eventually I felt like I had a good feeling of Persephone’s loving, albeit exuberant personality.

So I went home with a plan and started work on the painting. Kathie and I agreed that a pose showing her beautiful smile and alert curiosity would best describe her, so I played around with crops and came up with this composition.


Here’s some shots of the work in progress. As you can see, my painting style starts off a bit like a messy cake mix, and then , gradually pulls together.

I had the feeling that this painting should be a bit looser in feel, so went along with my instinct.

You can see that I originally I had the background a soft blue, but I then felt that a pink background would suit her loving nature. Kathie agreed, so we changed it.

I love consulting with my clients during the painting process. It is nice to be in a partnership and to work together to create a piece that everyone is happy with.

So here’s the finished painting. Unfortunately I didn’t photograph it properly for some strange lapse of reason, so the colours aren’t quite true to the original – but you can get the general idea.

PERSEPHONE Acrylic and Oil
14 x 18″

Today I got feedback about how Persephone’s portrait was received. Here’s what was said.

“Hi Opal, just wanted to tell you that we presented the portrait to Ali for her birthday gift. She was very surprised and excited. Everyone loves your beautiful Persephone portrait – ‘amazing’ was the main response, and ‘looks so much like her’. Ali also loved that you captured the puppy’s personality. Thanks again. Made our girl’s day.”

Thank you Kathie. It was delightful working with you, and you just made my day.

If you would like to commission a bespoke portrait of your pet, send me a message and we can chat about creating a beautiful portrait of your special furball.

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