Portrait of Fergus – My Process. part two

In part one of this blog I went through how I set up the canvas and the primary stages of blocking in. This blog go through the finishing off layers.

Below is Fergus after I’ve painted in his mouth and put a first layer of colour on his hair. I’ve included the background at this point so that when I come back over with another hair layer, it will be in front, and the edges will make sense.

FERGUS 2nd pass

At this point I feel I could stop. There is always the tendency with painting to keep going to try to ‘get it perfect’. This can lead to over working the piece and leaving it looking stale. I like my paintings to show that hand-made touch, flaws and all. If this was a commission piece, I would ask the client for feedback. I find it quite difficult to look at my work objectively straight after spending hours creating it and often it’s the owner who can point out that missing link.  So for now, I’m gunna call Fergus “DONE”


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