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For those peeps who live in Melbourne, you are so lucky because on the first weekend of  May 2018 the (The Doglovers show) will be on.

I’m so excited because I have been invited to exhibit my doggie paintings and be a part of some amazing doggie magic.

In fact, because of this wonderful opportunity, I’ve been losing plenty of sleep and a lot of tranquility trying to get this website up and running. It’s sooo frustrating when you don’t have the IT skills or the patience to read instructions. Actually to be fair, I did read the instructions on how to add the social media links to my page, even watch a video, but my page was totally different. That is why the facebook thingy is at the bottom of the page when you scroll and I can’t get it off. Grrrr. It is supposed to just the the facebook icon (and instagram) that you click on to be re-directed, but it can’t be that simple , can it?. I’ve also decided that having a shop on my website is just too hard for me to deal with right now and am happy to have the site for pet portrait commissions. I’m too scared to take the card icon off the home page in case I cant get it back o later. Like all things technical, I like it when it works. I want someone else to deal with it if it’s broken – a bit like the way I feel about cars too. Thing is, I’m pretty sure the social media links were there when we first set it up.

Anyway, so website issues aside, it’s pretty exciting. I’ve got a busy time ahead painting up a storm to have a plethora of wonderful dog portraits to display at the Doglovers Show and hopefully I’ll pick up heaps of new commissions to keep me busy over winter and beyond.

Well, time to walk my own playful pooches and get off this here computer.

Til next time


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  1. My very first blog on my very own website!

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